T300 thermal binocular

T300-60 use resolution and sensitivity thermal imaging core as engine, with 60mm F#=0.8 lens and high definition OLED. It has high performance, small size, light weight, long working time and portable features.

1.Patent No shutting technology

  Leading no shutting non-uniformity calibration technology, continuously video output.

  No shutter organ inside make it can bear higher shock and vibration.

2.High sensitivity

  NTED 60mk high sensitivity, the camera can output clear video in different weather

3.Instantaneous boot

  5~8 seconds for starting up, good for special applications

4.Images and video recording

  4G built in SD card for images saving and video recording

5.Low power consumption and long working time

  Super low power consumption, continuously working time up to 6 hours

6.Small size and light weight

  The demension:169.5x123.5x62.5mm, weight:<1.2kg(with batteries, no strap)