Police use infrared thermal imaging on simple operations, because it has strong environmental adaptability, so can bear harsh weather conditions, and is better at night. Currently in the search and rescue the missing personnel, search for escaped prisoners, drug trafficking, or just to monitor the surrounding situation, this type of camera has been widely used by the police, so it has become an indispensable tool in the law enforcement.
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1.Observing sea-route, buoy, bridge, rocks, iceberg and etc..  Wood, glass fiber can also be easily detected by our camera, but radar can not detect these matters.


2.Long range, wide areas ships detecting, observing situations in the sea.


3.Commanding emergencies in the sea, for example, human searching, ship searching and etc.. Humans who are dropped in the water can be easily found in a short time by using our thermal imaging camera, it saves lots of manpower and material resources.


4.Gyro servo’ stability can effectively prevent the ship waving.


5.Visible light + infrared light (double light displayed)


6.Targets searching and capturing manually + targets tracking and searching automatically


7.Moving law enforcement investigation, it is more convenient and flexible for law enforcement in time, it can detect everywhere around the ship.


8.It adopts high sensitivity cooled detector, applicable for long range detection in bad weather in the sea.


9.It adopts infrared zoom lens, 4× optical zoom, meeting different requirements of long range, wide areas detecting.


10.Black hot/White hot polarity reversal display, applicable for real-time observing in different conditions.