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Background Description

In many cases people are required to launch quick and effective rescue, for example, fires, earthquakes, floods and so on. A typical scenario is fire-fighting. During this process, each fireman should find the fire sources quickly to extinguish them, and at the same time, they also need to search for the wounded and survivors, move them to the safe places and exert cure. This does not only concern the safely of the fighters themselves, but also the others.

In other rescue missions, it is also urgently to find the wounded or missing persons to save lives. The situation often is very complex: for example, darkness, turbulent flow, bush or grass, wide stretches of water, and so on.

Existing problems and our Task

Under this circumstance, one of the most important problems is that we should search out the fire source through heavy smokes in a short time. Such kinds of apparatus should be highly portable, on fire truck or on hands. Similarly, it is also urgent to find the wounded and the survivors in other rescue tasks.

(View of a typical fire-fighting scene through ordinary visible light camera and thermal imager)


For a fire brigade, the solution includes two parts: one is a mobile TIC, which is carried on a PTZ platform. The system will be launched on a brigade mobile control vehicle, and for the purpose of observing and controlling the whole fire-fighting process, that’s to say, to check if all the fire sources has been extinguished, or the target zone temperature is decreasing, or, oppositely;


In addition to the centralized PTZ controlling system, each fireman will be equipped with a handhold binocular, which is affordable and easy to operate solution.


For other rescue scenarios, the solution is similar.


(A maritime rescue scenario)

Solution Highlights and Star product

SUN CREATIVE® provides thermal imaging system for different application scenarios of rescue mission.

The ZS-Y350 Mobile Dual-spectrum PTZ system is consisted of three parts: non-cooling thermal imager, integrated programmable PTZ platform and visual light camera. Bumper is optional. Protection level IP66, and is applicable for vehicle mobile surveillance.


Thermal Parts

Powered by high-performance self-developed core (with Uncooled Microbolometer FPA amorphous silicon sensor) with high-sensitivity, it can support up to 640×480 resolution with NETD 60mK. After augmented and enhanced by patented IDE(Image Detail Enhancement) and HDR(High Dynamic Range) algorithm, the key parts of transformed pseudo-colored image can be easily recognized by human eyes.


For lens you can select 500mm motorized objective, which makes to detect human or vehicles out of 1.5km easily.


All thermal cameras are equipped with embedded low-cost high-temperature warning module, which scans the abnormal temperature points over the entire screen based on the average temperature value. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for pre-warning of fire sources under complex circumstances.


Visible Parts

As per the visible light part, it has two ends of FOV: 30° for wide-end and 2.0° tele-end, which makes a more flexible view of sight. If you find something interesting in a wide angle, you can zoom in to have a closer check of target. This can interact with thermal parts after it generates high-temperature warning.


PTZ platform

The PTZ platform supports rotation with speed of max. 60°/min and accuracy of ±0.05°, pan up to 360° and tilt to 180°, which allows rotating to any position needed. Moreover, the system allows programmable128 preset points to control route, speed and lag time on each point. Undoubtedly, it can be deployed under complex scenarios where requires automated patrol task;


Integration environment

Our IP thermal cameras also support Pelco D/P & ONVIF protocol, thus you can integrate our camera into legacy surveillance network system quickly. From client you can select to preview, archive and playback video.


Application cases

  • China
    • VMS(Vessel Monitoring System) of a Fishery Agency, ZheJiang Prov.
    • SuZhou, Water supply conservation center, JiangSu Prov.

(For more information of application cases please contact us)