With the rapid development of the Transport Industry, the safe driving, specially at night is getting more and more attention from the Security Technologies Industry. We, Sun Creative, have developed and produced the VS100 Car infrared thermal imaging, which can be seamlessly connected to your car, assist you during the driving at night and detect quickly the target avoiding the danger on the road.
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Background Description

“Intelligence Grid” can be classified to a typical application scenario of Status Monitoring under Industrial Automation topic. By definition, the Status Monitoring means to prevent the malfunction or halt of target system through attaining real-time value of a status variable (such as temperature, metric value, voltage & etc.), recognizing and generating alarm when the abnormal status is detected.


In the intelligence grid case, the aging of infrastructure and facilities are detrimental to maintaining stable municipal power supply. If this “bad situation” cannot be reverted soon, it then can cause costly maintenance and replacement fee, and finally, power cutting, fire or other more severe aftermath. Therefore, a grid companies must solve these urgent problems presciently.


As have been observed during current years, the most problems occurs in a grid contains: liquid leakage of power transformers, damage of heat shield, electric leakage of high-voltage transmission line, aging of insulation equipment, damage of switch points and breakers, and etc..


Existing problems and our Task

The critical clue to the solution of aforementioned problems in grid is to sense the fluctuation of temperature of targets. Many failure of components in electrical equipment are characterized by the uprising of temperature caused by the change of resistance. The capability of traditional thermometric system is confined since it cannot get the continuous data of temperature movement of the object surface.



A thermometric camera can be set to the target objects as an unattended operation. Video and temperature data are transmitted to the center controlling point for further process, and if it has

been found that something “abnormal”, then warnings will be generated.


(A typical scenario of intelligent grid monitoring)

Solution Highlights and Star product

SUN CREATIVE® provides thermal imaging system for different application scenarios, including industrial automation with thermometric requirements.


iThermal 300P/600P and iThermal 300/600 are members of SUN CREATIVE® thermal imaging system. There are applicable under various of industrial automation scenarios. Powered by self-developed analytic software (SCTI TOOLS), iThermal series can complete target modeling, recognition and other automated process.

(A screenshot of SCTI TOOLS operation panel)

iThermal series also carry high-performance self-developed core (Uncooled Microbolometer FPA amorphous silicon sensor) with high-sensitivity, it can support up to 640×480 resolution with NETD 60mK@300K. After augmented and enhanced by patented IDE(Image Detail Enhancement) and HDR(High Dynamic Range) algorithm, the key parts of transformed pseudo-colored image can be easily recognized by human eyes.


The P series iThermal thermal imaging system supports online thermometric function. You can draw different regions point, line, rectangle, oval of temperature measurement. The supported target temperature ranges from -20C to 150C with accuracy of ±2C, in this way, any abnormal temperature fluctuation within image can be detected and recorded. The temperature data are transmitted by special channel in real-time.


Smart functions are additional highlight features for iThermal series. The thermal images analysis includes high-temperature alarming, motion detection, abnormal detection, target pattern recognition & statistical analysis, and also smart tracking objects. Moreover, the camera supports interaction with PTZ platforms: you can preset the programmable patrol path or for any interested points or region, or send command directly to the PTZ platform in order to trace the movement target object, or switch to other visible light cameras to observe.


The thermal lenses are athermalized, which avoids regular manual focusing process. Products also support to configure WiFi module optionally.


Application cases

  • China
    • A high-voltage transformer substation of International Grid, ZheJiang Prov.,
    • A high-voltage transformer & transmission station in Aksu, XinJiang Prov.,
    • A high-voltage transformer & transmission station of Sounthern Grid, HaiNan Prov.,

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Applications of Thermal Imaging System in Industrial Automation (Automated Detection)