The bullet can be place at certain place of stationary monitoring. And it is also possible to deploy PTZ platform or PTZ camera for a more flexible omnidirectional application.
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Background Description

The security monitoring task in harbor and wharf is complicated because of the spacious of water region and other different kinds of goods, vessels & shore facilities(crane, container…). Currently there are three cases where video surveillance is required:

  1. Passing vessels and ships, channel;
  2. Suspicious objects in water region
  3. Human, animals and vehicle which are entering in the key security area.


Existing problems and Task

Under this case, it is necessary to observe through fog and rain within a fairly wide region, also it is critical to distinguish water surface between sky, the crowds, vessels and vehicles appearing in the region, furthermore to trace them.

The problem of deployment active infrared camera, or illumination plus visible light camera, is that they will be potentially used by criminals: they could follow these “fingerposts”, or they could creeping forward and hide behind the shadows of lamps.


In the case of channel monitoring, one of the common solutions is to emit active radar search beam, but it is hard to recognize wood or fibers.



The bullet can be place at certain place of stationary monitoring. And it is also possible to deploy PTZ platform or PTZ camera for a more flexible omnidirectional application.


Solution Highlights and Star product

SUN CREATIVE® provides thermal imaging system for different application scenarios of harbor and wharf security monitoring, and other similar places.


The ZS-H350 Analogue Bullet camera adopts non-cooling thermal imager, which constructs a convenient solution of quickly constructing all-weather condition video surveillance system.


Powered by high-performance self-developed core (with Uncooled Microbolometer FPA amorphous silicon sensor) with high-sensitivity, it can support up to 640×480 resolution with NETD 60mK. The new generation of core adopts a low-noise electromagnetic shutter, the structure of which is more simple and reliable with compare to other similar products from other vendors; therefore, it is especially for scenarios with certain purpose;


After the raw image augmented and enhanced by patented IDE(Image Detail Enhancement) and HDR(High Dynamic Range) algorithm, the key parts of transformed pseudo-colored image can be easily recognized by human eyes. Especially, the water-sky mode in HDR allows easily distinguishing water and sky. It supports to mount 50mm thermal lens and can detect far objects.


All thermal cameras are equipped with embedded low-cost high-temperature warning module, which scans the abnormal temperature points over the entire screen based on the average temperature value. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for pre-warning of fire sources under complex circumstances.


ZS-H350 has a simple structure and low cost. With sunshield it can effectively prevent the interference from sunshine, and is especially suitable for stationary surveillance. It is optionally to be extensible in order to work at temperature of -40C under the cold weather condition.


It support Pelco D/P protocol, thus you can integrate our camera into legacy video surveillance network system quickly. From client you can select to preview, archive and playback video.


Application cases

  • China
    • A Lake video surveillance case in Inner-Mongolia autonomous region
    • Water reservoir Monitoring system in JiangSu Prov.

(For more information of application cases please contact us)