Forest fire is the most dangerous enemy, but also the most terrible forest disaster, given that it has devastating consequences. Infrared thermal imaging has become the most effective prevention technology in terms of forest fire prevention. We, Sun Creative designed the E600 system special for forest fire alarm and high temperature object remote monitoring. The system uses on-line infrared thermal imaging system to monitor the area of forest, and automatically track the most hot spots, and trigger alarm when it’s necessary
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Background Description

The fire pre-waring is a critical task to many sections. One of the most popular applications is in forest fire pre-warning, and then there are also gradually increasing demands in grassland, warehouse, scenic area, and so forth. In such situation, the surveillance region is spacious, and the initial fire source is generally difficult to detect. Fire spreading is fast after a certain of time period, when it could be noticed by human eyes, the fire is often hard to control.

Fire pre-warning in other places, where some critical material is saving, such as warehouses, container stations and etc., are tantamount important.

Existing problems and our Task

Traditional ways include human patrol, visible light PTZ platform monitoring. The disadvantages are obvious: the former is too costly for heavy management fees, and the later needs to find out the fire sources by human eyes – and this usually is impossible at initial stage, also it is strongly influenced by weather condition and light illumination.



Mounting PTZ platform at high spots of surveillance area (forest, grassland, boarder…), and interconnect them with other surveillance equipment, sensors… to form a recognition and pre-warning network.


Solution Highlights and Star product

SUN CREATIVE® provides thermal imaging system under different application scenarios of rescue mission.

The ZS-E375 Dual-spectrum PTZ system is consisted of three parts: non-cooling thermal imager, integrated programmable PTZ platform and visual light camera.


Powered by self-developed high-performance self-developed core (Uncooled Microbolometer FPA amorphous silicon sensor) with high-sensitivity, it can support up to 640×480 resolution with NETD 60mK. After augmented and enhanced by patented IDE(Image Detail Enhancement) and HDR(High Dynamic Range) algorithm, the key parts in the transformed pseudo-colored image can be easily recognized by human eyes. Intelligent security monitoring functions are another feature of this camera, it supports motion detection, intrusion, movement tracing, etc..


For lens you can select up to 100 mm motorized objective.


All thermal cameras are equipped with embedded low-cost high-temperature warning module, which scans the abnormal temperature points over the entire screen based on the average temperature value. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for pre-warning of fire sources under complex circumstances.


As per the visible light part, it has two ends of FOV: 35.5° for wide-end and 2.0° tele-end, which makes a more flexible view of sight. If you find something interesting in a wide angle, you can zoom in to have a closer check of target. This can interact with thermal parts after it generates high-temperature warning. Additionally, excellent thermal performance allows proper observation work through fog, smoke or other extreme weather condition (polar night, heavy rain).


The PTZ platform supports flexible rotation with speed of max. 100°/min and accuracy of ±0.02°, which allows rotating to any position needed within approximately 1sec. Moreover, the PTZ system are flexibly programmable to support 256 preset points, such a way to control route, speed and lag time on each point. Undoubtedly, it can be deployed under complex scenarios where requires automated patrol task;

(Pre-view of dual spectrum PTZ platform for forest, farmland…)

Our IP thermal cameras also support Pelco D/P & ONVIF protocol, that means you can integrate our cameras into legacy surveillance network system quickly. From client you can select to preview, archive and playback video.


Application cases

  • China
    • National Forest park, Usutu, Hohhot, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous region;
    • Dandong wet land protection zone, LiaoNing Prov.
    • Forest fire protection, Ili, XingJiang Prov.;

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