Safety is the top priority of the prison. To avoid any mishap which, will bring high pressure to the social order, and even serious consequences. We recommend this passive infrared thermal imaging cameras scheme, because not only can observe in places with total absence of light, but also in the darkness and thick smoke, or cloud’s fog can detect fast moving targets. Especially suitable for the monitoring and recognition of the criminal escape or intrusion in the complex environment around the prison.
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Background Design 

The management of the prison as imprisonment and transformation of criminals, is not easy, so to safeguard the social security, safety is the first. For this, security guards and security custody personnel have to provide safety and stability. At the same time, the prison has a wide diversity, variety and size, therefore manage the detainees is very complex and difficult. 

The current monitoring system used in prison has some shortcomings because it uses the visible light existing at night and the bad weather conditions (rain, fog...) are not conducive to the surveillance, because the results are very poor. In short distance indoor it can be made up by an active infrared camera. However, in long distance outdoor, specially in the outpost and the surrounding areas, the current system can not fully guarantee the safety of the region either in every weather conditions or during whole day long. 

We recommend the passive infrared thermal imaging camera, because the work is completely passive and also because it is not easy to find or be interfered. Also the high transmission ability from the thermal radiation in the atmosphere, permit to the passive infrared imaging camera, regardless of day, night, foggy weather, rain or snow, comply with the surveillance tasks, whose observation is even better during the night and also can afford long distance view. This system is especially suitable for the monitoring and recognition of the criminal either in escape situation or intrusion in the complex around the prison.

Main channel monitoring 

The cells and common areas are the places with more concentration of prisoners. Due to the mixture of prisoners, there is a big variety of situations within the prison, so they are more prone to be involved in abnormal circumstances. To ensure the safety of the prison personnel specially in the common areas, there must be certain security monitoring and alarming measures. Through the monitoring system can effectively monitor and collect videos of those occasions close to real time. And through the alarm system, any abnormal phenomenon can be timely mannered by the prison management department which will be able to send a warning signal in order to monitor and deal with these abnormal circumstances.

The thermal infrared imaging camera can easily manage the surveillance of the prison, specially at night, when is very dark, it can also monitor the important parts, as the prohibited access areas. Although it works without turning on any light (to avoid disturb the rest time of the personnel or the prisoners) can also provide clear imaging and early warning. At the same time, the passive thermal imaging is able to supply the full visual scene, even if the prisoner is hiding in a dark corner or part of the target is occluded, it will be accurately found. 

Peripheral Region 

Monitoring is particularly important in the peripheral region. There the monitoring range is big, the control points are placed outside working specially at night. Also is able to work 24h a day and in severe weather conditions. 

In order to response this demand, is recommended to use the proposed network infrared thermal imaging and dual visible field HD camera, to identify the surveillance target, to increase the ability of monitor and increase the range of remote inspection.

As an effective complement of the infrared monitoring system, the visible light can provide a direct and accurate visual scene. So in case of occurrence, the visible light imaging system can monitor the remote object scene by zoom to provide to the surveillance center a wide visual field information in order to program an effective response as soon as possible. 

The company launched the IPY100 and IPQ100 which are infrared thermal imaging and CCD camera, can achieve uninterrupted monitoring service during 24h a day in any weather conditions. And because there is no blocking technology in the national patent of our company, we can remove the delay time of the traditional block. The cameras bring their own IP module, H.264 video output, seamless LAN access system and also realize of digital network monitoring.


Watchtower monitoring

The watchtower whistle anti personnel equipped with individual use of monocular or binocular infrared telescope, suggested in suspicious circumstances, can quickly detect the target and respond in a timely manner thanks to the fast track of the telescope. The company´s production of individual single binocular infrared telescope T100/T300.